In this article you find videos from the "Psi demystified" series in which I talk with Tom Campbell about a variety of psi phenomena and Tom will try to explain them based on his MyBigTOE theory.

So far we have only recored this first episode at the end of 2018:

  • On my Matrixwissen website I have collected a lot of background information on this phenomena, this includes my own 35-minute documentary on the subject (which is in German but I have added English subtitles to it). The summary article also contains information on experiments conducted by two professors at the university of Bari in Italy: They have build light sensors and infrared cameras into a special light-proof mask and had test subjects read random numbers from a computer screen while wearing the mask. Additionally I have included serveral videos about the subject of 360-degree-vision. All of this information can be found at this link to my summary article.