On Sunday, March 17, 2019, Tom will be the guest speaker at an event sponsored by MBT Events that will take place at Filderhalle in Stuttgart, Germany, entitled:

Tom Campbell American Physicist and Author Unifies Science and Consciousness 

Tom, a former NASA physicist, has designed physics experiments that will furnish further evidence that consciousness is at the root of our reality. Tom will briefly report on the current status of his physics experiments during the event.

The main focus of the program will be audience participation questions to Tom on any topic of science and consciousness and beyond! This is not an introductory event to Tom’s work; you can find extensive video material on Tom's YouTube channel to introduce yourself to his work.

We have also invited Evelyn and Axel of the Seeing without Eyes team, and some of the kids who have participated in the program with great success to the event. There will be a short segment to start off the event where Evelyn will talk about seeing without eyes and she plans to bring along a blind man who has learned to see without eyes. Furthermore, we also hope that the children of the Matrixwissen "Seeing without Eyes" documentary who will be there as our guests might give us a demonstration of their abilities. Currently one of the boys from the documentary is willing to go on stage during the event.

Tom founded a non-profit organization called CUSAC (Center for the Unification of Science and Consciousness) in 2018. Among other things, this organization manages all the funds that Tom collected through a Kickstarter campaign in the summer of 2018 which will be funding Tom's physics experiments.

All net proceeds from ticket sales for this event will be donated to CUSAC.

This unique event will take place from

9am to 6pm on

Sunday, March 17th, 2019

The venue will be the "Kleiner Saal" of Filderhalle which is actually located in Leinfelden-Echterdingen just outside the city of Stuttgart in Germany. The hall is just 200 meters way from Leinfelden railway station which can be reached from Stuttgart Airport in just 4 minutes by taking the S2 or S3 line. (We had originally rented the brand new "Panorama Saal" at Filderhalle but were just told that unfortunately it is so new that it is not even ready yet for use on the day we rented it so we had to move to another hall ("Kleiner Saal") at Filderhalle which also has room for up to 300 people and thus has enough space for our needs)

There will be a lunch break where you can have lunch in the Filderhalle, or go out to a nearby restaurant. During the lunch break we will have an additional program element: We have invited German autosuggestion coach Klaus Dieter Ritter who will use the first half of the lunch break for a compact version of his regular program. In general he will deal with self-limiting convictions and how to overcome them in order to achieve things you never considered possible. (Unfortunately this segment will only be in German since Klaus Dieter's English is not that good but has offered to also help people who only speak English in the second half of the lunch break)

Participation in this event costs 150 Euro per person. For people who cannot afford this amount, there will be a small contingent of tickets at a reduced price of 75 Euros. For this a corresponding Hartz4-proof is required. If you qualify for this discount, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. attaching documentation that confirms your Hartz4 status.


Buy your tickets here: https://mbtevents.com/germany-2019.html

We will also graciously accept donations if you cannot attend but would like to support this event.

Important: This event will take place in English, and there will be no German simultaneous translation. We apologize for this restriction.

uk castle


Two four-night MBT Immersive Experiences are planned for January 2019 at Lumley Castle hotel in the United Kingdom. This glorious and extremely authentic 14th Century castle has been a luxury boutique hotel since 1996. MBT Events is thrilled to be taking over the whole castle for what promises to be two amazing events. Lumley Castle is situated just outside the medieval city of Durham in the north east of England. In the past, the castle, whose origins go back over a thousand years, has played host to kings and princes. Standing proud for more than 600 years, the magnificent spectacle of Lumley Castle dominates the County Durham landscape. Surrounded by beautiful parklands overlooking the River Wear, it is a magnificent monument to a bygone age of chivalry and honour.


  • January 13-17, 2019
  • January 20-24, 2019


Please visit  https://mbtimmersive.com/europe-2019 for more details.

mbt kickstarter 600

Kickstarter Campaign for Paradigm Shifting Physics Experiments

We are very excited to announce that we are about to launch a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds that will allow Tom and his team of scientists to conduct a set of unique quantum mechanics experiments that will forever change the way you view consciousness, reality, and yourself.

The Kickstarter campaign, which will run from May 14 – June 13 2018, will include:

  • Descriptions of the experiments and their impact on humanity and reality
  • Live, streamed Q & As with Tom and well-known co-hosts
  • Exciting and valuable rewards for those who make a donation

The experiments to be conducted are entirely new variations on the double slit experiment. They are fully described in a paper entitled On Testing the Simulation Theory which was recently published in the peer-reviewed International Journal of Quantum Foundations.

In addition to funding the experiments, we are also hoping to raise enough money for a few other related endeavors, such as the filming of a documentary about the conducting of the experiments.

Take this journey with us and be a part of history!​


Update from June 13: The Kickstarter campaign has ended successfully. In the past 30 days 236.590 Dollars for the experiments have been collected. 83 of the 1127 backers are from Germany which brought Germany to number 3 on the country list. It will take a while until the necessary technical equipment is available and a location in Pasadena has been rented to do the experiments. Further news will be available here or on Tom's personal website.

A short thank you video by Tom on the successful end of this Kickstarter campaign:



Link to Kickstarter Campaign

Update by Tom from May 26 2018 on the current status of the Kickstarter campaign:




My intent is to set your mind free to find truth, not to pile on another layer of belief on top of what you already have, or replace one of your current beliefs with a new one. Freedom – spiritual, emotional, and intellectual freedom – provides the necessary environment for learning. Open minded skepticism is the primary tool you will need to maintain a free mind capable of significant evolutionary progress

Thomas Campbell, author of My Big TOE

mbt chateau france

The SIX brand new and groundbreaking MBT Immersive Experiences that MBT Events is doing with Tom in 2018 are now fully sold out.

Three back to back immersives will take place in a stunning chateau in the Auvergne region of France in March of next year and three will take place in a beautiful cabin up in the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee (one in May 2018, one in September 2018 and one in November 2018). The MBT Events organizers are currently taking names to add to a waiting list for any places that become available. In addition, they have just signed the initial contracts to rent the Tennessee cabin again at least twice in 2019 and are now taking advanced reservations. Although there are no current plans to bring Tom back for more immersives in Europe in 2019, they do hope to bring him back to the chateau again in 2020.

Please visit mbtimmersive.com for more details on these unique and groundbreaking events.

Tickets for Tom's two-day MBT: From Head to TOE event in Manchester, England are now on sale. This event will take place from 10am to 5pm on both Saturday March 3rd and Sunday March 4th 2018. We are delighted to announce that this event will take place in the Forman Lecture Theatre at the Royal Northern College of Music (RNCM). The RNCM is located one mile south of Manchester City Centre, in the heart of the Education Quarter, on the corner of Oxford Road and Booth Street West.

This informal two day event is open to all but because it will predominantly be made up of the audience asking questions of Tom, a prior knowledge of MBT is strongly recommended.

For more information and to book your tickets please visit the following Eventbrite listing page.....