On this page you find a collection of English videos with Tom Campbell. This is only a small subset of all existing videos and is limited primarily to those which have been translated into German for the German section of this website.

You find the entire collection of videos on Tom's Youtube channel


Videos sorted by subjects:



My Matrixwissen interviews with Tom:

  • Over the years I have conducted 7 interviews with Tom which are all available in English on my Matrixwissen website.
    • The 6th interview was published early in 2019, it was with Tom Campbell and engineer Jim Elvidge.
    • The 7th interview was published in December 2020.


Complete recordings of Tom's previous workshops:


Video interviews with Tom:


Fireside Chat videos:

  • Every month Tom makes himself available for about 3 hours to answer questions regarding his theory. We have had more than 50 of these Fireside Chats and they can all be found at this link in video format or alternatively as a podcast (audio only) on https://fireside-podcast.matrixwissen.de


Remark: If a viewer would be willing to provide me with time stamps for any of Tom's workshop videos, I would be happy to add them to these articles so other viewers have a better way to inform themselves about the discussed topics before viewing the entire video. Most of the Fireside Chat videos already have time stamps, if you check them out you will see that time stamps are quite useful...