This page is a collection of videos as well as written material related to physicist Thomas Campbell's claim, that we are living in a virtual reality. Tom suggests a couple of physics experiments which could clarify if our reality is actually a giant simulation.

Update from July 2020: In the following update video Tom talks about the current status of the experiments. The experiments have been running now for several months and are done by Dr. Farbod Khoshnoud of California State Polytechnic University Pomona. In this video the problems with the execution of the experiments are reported and also the setup of the experiment, which is currently being done, is explained in detail:


Update from April 2019: In the following update video Tom talks about the current status of the experiments as well as ongoing negotiations with a second group of physicist, which might perform some of the experiments which the first group might not get done. Here is the update video with the latest news (starting at time stamp 2:25):


Update from February 2019: During an interview I conducted with Tom and Jim Elvidge Tom announced that a physics professor together with a couple of his postgradudate students will be conducting several of Tom's physics experiments. The exact name of the university will not be announced until the experiments have been published to ensure that the research can be conducted without outside interference. Tom expects to have first preliminary results between April and Juni of 2019. As soon as anything is released it will be added in this article.

A short 13 minute video to introduce the basic ideas behind Tom's suggested experiments:



A 1 hour version explaining the experiments:



A 4 hour version of the LA Workshop - from October 2016 - explaining all suggested experiments in detail:






The slides from Tom's October 2016 workshop can be downloaded here:



The entire workshop from October 2016 (not just the experiments section from above) is available on Youtube and can be viewed here:



Recommended reading:

An article "On Testing the Simulation Theory" from the
International Journal of Quantum Foundations (Vol 3, Issue 3, pages 78-99)

Online version at

Answer to Kickstarter criticism regarding the experiments:

During the Kickstarter campaign which was intended to finance the suggested experiments, criticism regarding the experiments was raised (Link to the Reddit discussion). Tom replied to this criticism in an audio recording which can be listened to here:


Download of the audio response:

Universities and Institutes: Please direct any inquiries regarding conducting these experiments (or for additional information) through the contact forms on either


Additional information:


In this section I have embedded 3 more videos, which cover Tom's interpretation / explaination of classic quantum physics experiments as well as our physical reality in general. These videos do NOT cover Tom's own experiments and only serve the purpose to provide interested readers with a better insight into Tom's theory and thinking:


1. Wheeler Experiment and the virtual reality model



2. An introduction video to the double slit experiment with an interpretation of its results according to Tom Campbell's theory (not a video by Tom but by myself - but Tom approved this video prior to its release back in 2012):



3. Comparing physical and virtual reality models

(I translated a segment of this longer lecture by Tom into German for the German part of the website. This is the entire English version of the lecture. I recommend to fast forward to 36:25 and watch until 1:13:00 - as this is the segment I translated into German but feel free to watch the entire video.)