This page contains a series of short videos, which try to help newcomers to get upto speed with Tom Campbell's My Big TOE theory.


Many videos on Tom's Youtube channel are 3 hours long or even longer, which is asked too much from someone who just wants to get a glimpse at what Tom is all about. These short videos are serving exactly that purpose. Feel free to share them with family and friends and ask them what they think about these ideas.


Tom talking about the basic ideas behind his suggested physics experiments, which could show that we are really living in a virtual reality. Reality being virtual - so being based on information - is one of the key messages of Tom's MBT theory:

(If you want to find more information regarding these experiments, check this link).



What Can You Do with Your Consciousness





From Physics to Love to World Peace





Tom talking about the "hard problem" of consciousness and how considering the alternative view point of consciousness being fundamental helps to better understand the bigger picture. By bringing together objective as well as subjective experiences we can make more sense of the world:



How is it that entropy and love are connected?


Virtual Reality and Consciousness


Virtual Reality - Why Should I Care?


Video Games as a Metaphor for our Reality




Two Different Views of Virtual Reality



The Implications of Virtual Reality


Very short teaser videos


Becoming Love




Objective vs Subjective Reality



You Have a Purpose




How to Change the World




Fear and Ego in our Virtual Reality