Problems on the spiritual path

  • The segment where this particular question (which was translated into German) is answered starts at 17:05 so please fast forward to that time stamp to watch this particular answer

An interview with Tom Campbell and the German translator Thomas Hasenberger regarding out-of-body experiences:

Time stamps for this interview:

00:10 How did Thomas Hasenberger's interest into out of body experiences come about
06:20 Gathering evidence during out of body experiences to prove them as being real
09:30 Tom Campbell's out of body travels with his 5 year old son
12:55 What impressed T. Hasenberger most about MBT so that he decided to translate the book
18:40 When will Part 2 of MBT be available in German?
21:00 Thomas Hasenberger on body sensations in the out of body state, looking for evidence
26:35 Tom Campbell on "clicking out", fear of wrong answers, looking for evidence
35:25 Thomas Hasenberger on healing work to collect evidential data
37:30 Tom Campbell on collective evidential data, dealing with uncertainty
42:20 Contact info for Thomas Hasenberger
43:00 End of interview


Multidimensionality and time:

Reincarnation and life after death: