15 key insights

  • A video with the most important insights Tom has gained so far.

The connection between language, thoughts and consciousness

  • The video with the little boy - mentioned towards the end of this video - can be found in this article.

Communication problems and truth:

Intent, fear and ego:

How to make the world a better place?

Creativity, intuitive knowing and art:

Free will and Bereitschaftspotential:

Role and influence of history:

How to help suicidal people?

Q&A session during the One World Family Days 2013 in Stuttgart / Germany:

0:01:05 Raising awareness of new consciousness-related insights
0:09:40 Defining "quality of our consciousness"
0:18:05 Manipulation of consciousness, collective consciousness
0:21:30 The difference between love and consciousness
0:24:15 The role of the internet, creating our own reality
0:28:55 Why do we have so many difficulties to change?
0:38:25 Why did Tom read his 15-minute speech in the morning?
0:39:40 How can we improve structures in the education system?
0:44:30 Dealing with fear, focusing on joy, individual teaching methods
0:49:15 What happens when we die? Do thoughts equal energy and thus persist forever?
0:54:10 The special properties of water, water & consciousness, water & memory
1:00:45 How did Tom move from being a physicist to his current level of insight?
1:09:10 End of Q&A session


The limits of knowledge