In 2017 Tom Campbell conducted his Cultural Connection Tour. On this page you find the complete series of all recordings from these workshops (almost 60 hours in total).


Auckland, New Zealand, Day 1:


Auckland, New Zealand, Day 2:


Sydney, Australia, Day 1:


Sydney, Australia, Day 2:


New Delhi, India:


Gurgaon, India:


Frankfurt, Germany, Day 1:


Frankfurt, Germany, Day 2:


New York, USA, Day 1:


New York, USA, Day 2:


Problems on the spiritual path

  • The segment where this particular question (which was translated into German) is answered starts at 17:05 so please fast forward to that time stamp to watch this particular answer

An interview with Tom Campbell and the German translator Thomas Hasenberger regarding out-of-body experiences:

Time stamps for this interview:

00:10 How did Thomas Hasenberger's interest into out of body experiences come about
06:20 Gathering evidence during out of body experiences to prove them as being real
09:30 Tom Campbell's out of body travels with his 5 year old son
12:55 What impressed T. Hasenberger most about MBT so that he decided to translate the book
18:40 When will Part 2 of MBT be available in German?
21:00 Thomas Hasenberger on body sensations in the out of body state, looking for evidence
26:35 Tom Campbell on "clicking out", fear of wrong answers, looking for evidence
35:25 Thomas Hasenberger on healing work to collect evidential data
37:30 Tom Campbell on collective evidential data, dealing with uncertainty
42:20 Contact info for Thomas Hasenberger
43:00 End of interview


Multidimensionality and time:

Reincarnation and life after death:

Wheeler experiment related to the virtual reality model

Comparing physical and virtual reality models:

  • I translated a segment of a longer lecture by Tom into German for the German part of my website thus the English original version of this translation should be available on the English part of my website. The translated segment starts at 36:25 and lasts until 1:13:00

Why is the speed of light a constant?

A few years ago I created an introductory video for the double-slit experiment in order to make it undestandable also for laymen. This video is not from Tom but he advised me during the creation process and he liked the outcome:

Does quantum entanglement violate Einstein's theory of relativity ?


The Nature of reality

  • Remark: Tom's explaination from 0:31:05 to 0:32:20 on not recorded data from the sensors is a simplifying metaphor and scientifically not correct the way he states it. A more elaborate explaination on how the experiment actually works can be found in the video in this article

Indications for a virtual reality:

Is our reality objective?

Dr. Dean Radin talking with Tom Campbell - A two part discussion:


Time stamps for part 1 :

0:00:45 Introduction
0:01:50 What is consciousness ? Individual consciousness & consciousness as an information field
0:07:20 Research on paranormal experiences and ancient holistic wisdom
0:15:35 Tom's MBT theory and its application to the measurement problem of quantum physics
0:21:00 Individual data streams within a virtual reality
0:24:10 Delayed Choice Quantum Eraser experiment, particles as probability distributions
0:26:50 Why is the speed of light a constant ?
0:28:45 Are we living in the movie Matrix ? Plato's allegory of the cave, conscious computers
0:33:15 Free will, video lag in virtual realities, readiness potential
0:39:15 How does advanced knowledge about future events work, life goals, nudging, synchronicity
0:46:10 Falsifying Tom's MBT-theory through "reverse causality" experiments
0:52:10 Dean's ideas on using double slit experiments to falsify Tom's theory
0:57:25 Bill Tiller's experiments to modify the PH level of water by intent
0:58:45 Experiments to modify a probability distribution by intent
1:00:30 End of Part 1

Time stamps for part 2 :

0:00:45 Planning of a collaboration between Dean and Tom to do experiments together
0:05:55 Dean's research results, scientific "evidence" for paranormal phenomena
0:08:00 Physical laws, scientific theories, PEAR Labs experiments
0:13:30 Where will science be 10 years from now with respect to paranormal phenomena ?
0:15:50 Tom's prognisis for 2 upcoming paradigm shifts in science with respect to reality
0:22:20 Wise usage of modern technology instead of self-destruction
0:24:10 This cultural shift will be faster than earlier shifts due to the internet
0:26:30 End of interview


The future of physics and metaphysics:


The following videos relate particularly to Tom Campbell's My Big TOE model of reality:


The basics regarding Tom Campbell's My Big TOE theory:



The databases of our virtual reality



Scientific models are metaphors:


These are two Youth Fireside Chats from December 2016 and December 2017 which were partly translated into German. You find all of the monthly Fireside Chats with Tom at this link.


Time stamps for December 2017:

  • 0:00:30 What can you tell us about the way NPMR (non-physical-matter) realities work?
  • 0:04:35 Could the larger consciousness system ever have a glitch? Limitations of the computer metaphor
  • 0:09:05 What would happen if the larger consciousness system crashed?
  • 0:11:10 Can there be a huge breach of ruleset in our reality (e.g. someone walking through a solid wall)?
  • 0:17:10 Why does focusing too hard on a goal during meditation make it impossible to achieve it?
  • 0:19:50 What are other tools besides meditation to achieve point consciousness and change datastreams?
  • 0:24:00 Why is everything rooted in ego according to MBT?
  • 0:30:00 Can consciousness leave an avatar without the avatar knowing? Does it leave inactive avatars?
  • 0:36:15 Is it possible for consciousness to log onto a robot?
  • 0:44:30 If scientists clone a human - where does the consciousness for the new avatar come from?
  • 0:48:45 What is entropy?
  • 0:53:40 If our reality is objective, would time dialation still occur?
  • 0:56:15 Could MBT end up as a religion? What would be the consequences?
  • 1:03:30 Could such a religious MBT organisation be advantageous to MBT by spreading the message?
  • 1:06:00 Is there a reason for it when people receive nudges from the LCS?
  • 1:08:00 How could we explain the Mandela Effect? Is the Mandela Effect a sort of nudge?
  • 1:18:00 What happens to consciousness when someone is in a coma?
  • 1:20:20 How Tom comes up with answers based on his MBT model
  • 1:23:05 Why do people who are more evolved go into realities that are not very evolved?
  • 1:25:35 Why do people tend to be sheep and simply follow others? Conformity & social standards
  • 1:30:55 Why aren't we born into this virtual reality knowing that it is one?
  • 1:35:30 How flexible is the ruleset of our reality, how far can it be pushed if you are alone?
  • 1:43:15 Why do you take your beliefs and fears with you when you change datastreams?
  • 1:45:10 Why are our egos so self-centered and selfish? Why did they turn out like that?
  • 1:51:45 Why are children fueled by ego and fear?
  • 2:03:40 Are there other races in other realities that we would consider aliens?
  • 2:05:00 The importance of starting to reduce fears at a young age
  • 2:07:45 It would be nice to have more young people involved in the Youth Fireside Chats
  • 2:09:20 How did Tom realize that this reality is not what it seems? Tom's early childhood experiences
  • 2:13:35 Difficulties grasping that reality is entirely different from what we were taught
  • 2:17:45 Feeling different than other children at school, being different can create fear in others
  • 2:20:30 Rejection of MBT ideas by the majority - Approaches to work around that problem



Time stamps for December 2016:

  • 0:00:05 Introduction of the participants
  • 0:00:50 Is our potential for growth endless?
  • 0:02:20 What makes near-death experiences more real that normal reality?
  • 0:04:50 Why is having an out-of-body experience so difficult to do?
  • 0:09:45 Doing paranormal demonstrations and training others intellectually does not change their being level
  • 0:17:15 Why should we continue to struggle if we could overcome all problems by setting the right intentions?
  • 0:21:50 Why do I fail at healing others or myself? Am I just not good enough at it?
  • 0:27:50 Changes to the brain waves when we heal other people or do remote viewing
  • 0:31:05 Can an individuated unit of consciousness be deleted or die?
  • 0:34:45 Do all species in other reality frames procreate by having children like we do?
  • 0:36:20 Are there reality frames where anything is possible?
  • 0:38:20 Consciousness can overcome the limitations of any physical reality
  • 0:41:35 Do heaven and hell really exist?
  • 0:44:50 When did Tom start to get into this line of work?
  • 0:48:05 Is there a base reality frame that has to exist for all realities to exist?
  • 0:51:55 What should we do now to optimize ourselves? Tracing our negative feelings
  • 1:00:15 How do I know my motivation is based in love and not based in fear?
  • 1:04:10 Young people is where the action is - Knowing MBT can make a difference
  • 1:05:15 Is MBT too complex to be understood by a 10-year-old?
  • 1:07:50 How could we make consciousness a career? Developing your left and your right brain
  • 1:14:45 How can I make my job as a dishwasher more meaningful? Interacting with others



On this page you find a collection of English videos with Tom Campbell. This is only a small subset of all existing videos and is limited primarily to those which have been translated into German for the German section of this website.

You find the entire collection of videos on Tom's Youtube channel


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My Matrixwissen interviews with Tom:

  • Over the years I have conducted 7 interviews with Tom which are all available in English on my Matrixwissen website.
    • The 6th interview was published early in 2019, it was with Tom Campbell and engineer Jim Elvidge.
    • The 7th interview was published in December 2020.


Complete recordings of Tom's previous workshops:


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Fireside Chat videos:

  • Every month Tom makes himself available for about 3 hours to answer questions regarding his theory. We have had more than 50 of these Fireside Chats and they can all be found at this link in video format or alternatively as a podcast (audio only) on


Remark: If a viewer would be willing to provide me with time stamps for any of Tom's workshop videos, I would be happy to add them to these articles so other viewers have a better way to inform themselves about the discussed topics before viewing the entire video. Most of the Fireside Chat videos already have time stamps, if you check them out you will see that time stamps are quite useful...