These videos were recording during Tom's workshop at the Monroe Institute in September 2017








The first MBT: From Head to TOE event was recorded on August 5, 2017 at the Portland State University in Portland, Oregon.

The second MBT: From Head to TOE event was recorded on August 12, 2017 at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada

These videos of Tom Campbell's 3-day Calgary Workshop are his most viewed workshop recording on Youtube for a good reason. They are highly recommended as a first entry point to learn about his My Big TOE theory. The videos were recorded in September 2011 at the University of Calgary in Alberta, Canada.


The presented slides can be downloaded here:


















In November 2011 Tom Campbell conducted a 2-day workshop in Andalucia, Spain on "Consciousness - The Ultimate Reality":















This workshop with Tom Campbell was conducted in November 2012 at Bert House, County Kildare in Ireland:







This "advanced" workshop with Tom Campbell was conducted in October 2014 at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama:




In May 2015 Tom Campbell conducted a 3-day workshop in Marseilles, France on "Physics, Metaphysics, and the Fundamentals of Reality":

























In November 2015 Tom Campbell conducted a workshop at the Monroe Institute in Virginia:








In February 2016 Tom Campbell conducted a workshop in Atlanta on the "Next steps for MBT":







In June 2016 Tom Campbell had in informal Get Together in Boston:




A similar kind of event took place in Calgary:



In October 2016 Tom Campbell conducted a workshop in Los Angeles. These are the recordings from this event where he presented his suggestions for new physics experiments in order to evaluate the virtual nature of reality.

The presented slides can be downloaded here:



MBT-LA - Part 1 - The implications of virtual reality



MBT-LA - Part 2 - Quantum mechanics



MBT-LA - Part 3 - New experiments



MBT-LA - Part 4 - New experiments and Q&A



MBT-LA - Part 5 - Application of MBT



MBT-LA - Part 6 - Questions and Answers



MBT-LA - Part 7 - Questions and Answers


15 key insights

  • A video with the most important insights Tom has gained so far.

The connection between language, thoughts and consciousness

  • The video with the little boy - mentioned towards the end of this video - can be found in this article.

Communication problems and truth:

Intent, fear and ego:

How to make the world a better place?

Creativity, intuitive knowing and art:

Free will and Bereitschaftspotential:

Role and influence of history:

How to help suicidal people?

Q&A session during the One World Family Days 2013 in Stuttgart / Germany:

0:01:05 Raising awareness of new consciousness-related insights
0:09:40 Defining "quality of our consciousness"
0:18:05 Manipulation of consciousness, collective consciousness
0:21:30 The difference between love and consciousness
0:24:15 The role of the internet, creating our own reality
0:28:55 Why do we have so many difficulties to change?
0:38:25 Why did Tom read his 15-minute speech in the morning?
0:39:40 How can we improve structures in the education system?
0:44:30 Dealing with fear, focusing on joy, individual teaching methods
0:49:15 What happens when we die? Do thoughts equal energy and thus persist forever?
0:54:10 The special properties of water, water & consciousness, water & memory
1:00:45 How did Tom move from being a physicist to his current level of insight?
1:09:10 End of Q&A session


The limits of knowledge