Wheeler experiment related to the virtual reality model

Comparing physical and virtual reality models:

  • I translated a segment of a longer lecture by Tom into German for the German part of my website thus the English original version of this translation should be available on the English part of my website. The translated segment starts at 36:25 and lasts until 1:13:00

Why is the speed of light a constant?

A few years ago I created an introductory video for the double-slit experiment in order to make it undestandable also for laymen. This video is not from Tom but he advised me during the creation process and he liked the outcome:

Does quantum entanglement violate Einstein's theory of relativity ?


The Nature of reality

  • Remark: Tom's explaination from 0:31:05 to 0:32:20 on not recorded data from the sensors is a simplifying metaphor and scientifically not correct the way he states it. A more elaborate explaination on how the experiment actually works can be found in the video in this article

Indications for a virtual reality:

Is our reality objective?

Dr. Dean Radin talking with Tom Campbell - A two part discussion:


Time stamps for part 1 :

0:00:45 Introduction
0:01:50 What is consciousness ? Individual consciousness & consciousness as an information field
0:07:20 Research on paranormal experiences and ancient holistic wisdom
0:15:35 Tom's MBT theory and its application to the measurement problem of quantum physics
0:21:00 Individual data streams within a virtual reality
0:24:10 Delayed Choice Quantum Eraser experiment, particles as probability distributions
0:26:50 Why is the speed of light a constant ?
0:28:45 Are we living in the movie Matrix ? Plato's allegory of the cave, conscious computers
0:33:15 Free will, video lag in virtual realities, readiness potential
0:39:15 How does advanced knowledge about future events work, life goals, nudging, synchronicity
0:46:10 Falsifying Tom's MBT-theory through "reverse causality" experiments
0:52:10 Dean's ideas on using double slit experiments to falsify Tom's theory
0:57:25 Bill Tiller's experiments to modify the PH level of water by intent
0:58:45 Experiments to modify a probability distribution by intent
1:00:30 End of Part 1

Time stamps for part 2 :

0:00:45 Planning of a collaboration between Dean and Tom to do experiments together
0:05:55 Dean's research results, scientific "evidence" for paranormal phenomena
0:08:00 Physical laws, scientific theories, PEAR Labs experiments
0:13:30 Where will science be 10 years from now with respect to paranormal phenomena ?
0:15:50 Tom's prognisis for 2 upcoming paradigm shifts in science with respect to reality
0:22:20 Wise usage of modern technology instead of self-destruction
0:24:10 This cultural shift will be faster than earlier shifts due to the internet
0:26:30 End of interview


The future of physics and metaphysics:


The following videos relate particularly to Tom Campbell's My Big TOE model of reality:


The basics regarding Tom Campbell's My Big TOE theory:



The databases of our virtual reality



Scientific models are metaphors: